Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium Metaperiodate
Sodium metaperiodate

Sodium Metaperiodate supplier Pinnacle pharma LLC ha started the supply of sodium metaperiodate in USA. Pinnacle pharma has its own warehouse in USA .

Supply started with very low initial qty  and has now reached a quantity of of 15 to 20 mt per month.

Making Pinnacle pharma  one of the leading supplier and importer  of Sodium Metaperiodate.

We intend to keep the supply regular.


  • Nice work keep adding the products and clients to the list

    Sudhir Sawant 05.07.2019
  • why was it delayed so much ? i mean stocking the product in USA , that was the plan all along if i am not mistake

    Vivek 05.07.2019
    • To become one of the leading sodium metaperidoate supplier we wanted to have our own office and warehouse in USA and that is the reason we got delayed.However now that we have started we will keep the supply regular

      Sudhir Sawant 05.07.2019

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